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Everyone is fascinated with a starry night sky.  From mild curiosity to a deep passion, the night sky inspires us to consider and join a universe, so much larger than us.  It is this combination of awe, inspiration, and connection with the night sky and cosmos that every Astro Mark program creates.  Everyone feels better the next morning after stargazing with Astro Mark the night before.     



Special Event or Meeting:
A Custom Night Sky Program & Stargazing

Enhance a family reunion, wedding reception, corporate meeting, or special gathering with Astro Mark providing the event an alternative evening program and activity of stargazing.   It’s a perfect pairing with a wine or beer tasting event “see” the cosmic contribution to the drink.  What “star stuff” made tonight’s libations possible?  Events can include Planispheres and LED red-light mini flashlights.  

Special Events


A Sky Walker's Tour of the Night Sky
A Custom Night Sky Program & Stargazing

Take a short walk to a dark area in property and participate in a laser guided tour of the evening’s night sky lead by Astro Mark.  The tour includes an explanation of how to navigate the night sky, distinguish the magnitude and colors of stars, locate five constellations, and visible planets.   

Sky Walker's Tour


Daytime Sungazing

See the Sun through two different solar filtered telescopes.  View below the Sun’s atmosphere to see the Chromosphere.  Look for prominences, granule, filament, and Sun spots.   Have a visual introduction to our solar system’s host star while gazing safely at its atmosphere and features.

Daytime Sungazing


Special Event Gazing
Full Moon, Comet, Plant, Star or Asteroid

Our Moon is full of unique, special, and curious features.  Viewing the Moon before or after its Full Moon phase gives a viewer the advantage of angled light to better see mountain ranges, craters, and mares.  And, occasionally, a special visitor passes through our solar system, or celestial event happens.  Whether a comet, asteroid, or exploding super nova, all of these celestial events are reasons to gather together and look up.

Special Event Gazing


Inclement Weather, In-door
“Inside Stargazing” Presentation

If inclement weather interrupts a stargazing event or program Astro Mark is prepared to conduct an “Inside Stargazing” presentation.  This inside presentation is enhanced through visual media, star maps, storytelling, and participant activities.

Insid Presenaton
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